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Early Learning


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  • Furniture

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    Create a happy and comfortable environment that can inspire and nurture young children. Modern furniture also promotes both imaginative and manipulative play promoting early years learning.

  • Lesson Observation

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    Lesson Observation

    This software allows teachers to record their lessons and improve via self-review. Remote classroom observations are possible and made easy by watching live or the recordings. This technology help to drive whole school improvement through teacher-led professional learning.

  • Sensory Equipment

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    Sensory Equipment

    Provides an oasis of relaxation in order to aid a child’s emotional needs, relax and become interested in their environment. Equipment includes interactive hydrotherapy pool lighting, soft rooms and play features, fibre optics, heated waterbed, LED colour ripple effect projection, bespoke contoured padding, portable sensory tactile panel with LED fibre optic and projection curtains and colourwash lighting.

  • Sound Field

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    Sound Field

    Designed specifically for speech sounds, these systems greatly enhance speech understanding and reduce the risk of miscommunication. Sound fields ensure an even distribution of sound from the teacher, the students and any multimedia equipment.