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  • Assembly Chairs

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    Assembly Chairs

    There are a variety of assembly chair options available such as padded, removable, fixed, folding and stackable chairs. Racks and stands can also be included in order to make the most of the space.

  • Display Screens

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    Display Screens

    Wall or floor mounted screens to display slide shows of school events, essential school information and newsletters. The screens provide a quick and easy way for parents and visitors to view a wide variety of school information.

  • Drama Studio Staging

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    Drama Studio Staging

    There are many different staging options such as lightweight, stained wood finish, carpeted, lacquered finish or split levels. Also variety of accessories are available such as handrails, valance curtains and storage wheels. This allows you to create a custom built stage for your school.

  • Exam Tables / Chairs

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    Exam Tables / Chairs

    There are a large variety of different options when it comes to choosing your exam tables and chairs. We understand that large numbers are needed and storage is very important. Many exam packages come with racks in order to provide effective storage solutions and store away all of the chairs and tables effectively.

  • Projector And Screen

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    Projector And Screen

    A projector is an output device that takes images and videos from a computer and projects them onto a large flat surface. The screen then provides the surface and supporting structure in order to display the projected image.

  • Staging

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    There are many different staging options such as lightweight, stained wood finish, carpeted, lacquered finish or split levels. A variety of accessories are also available such as handrails, valance curtains and storage wheels, which allows you to create a custom built stage for your school.