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  • iMacs With Music Software

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    iMacs With Music Software

    Children can enjoy all the benefits of the latest Apple products, from Macs to iPads. Apple products are always ‘big news’ and now your pupils can take pride in having the latest technology at their fingertips when they’re at school.

  • Lesson Observation

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    Lesson Observation

    This software allows teachers to record their lessons and improve via self-review. Remote classroom observations are possible and made easy by watching live or the recordings. This technology help to drive whole school improvement through teacher-led professional learning.

  • Musical Instruments

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    Musical Instruments

    Have you always wanted your own school band but couldn’t afford the equipment? Give your school a fully equipped music room and see your pupil’s musical skill flourish.

  • Sound Field

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    Sound Field

    Designed specifically for speech sounds, these systems greatly enhance speech understanding and reduce the risk of miscommunication. Sound fields ensure an even distribution of sound from the teacher, the students and any multimedia equipment.