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  • 3D Printer

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    3D Printer

    3D printing exposes learners to the same cutting-edge technologies that are being used in industry. It benefits all students especially those aspiring to be engineers, designers and problem solvers.

  • D&T Workbenches

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    D&T Workbenches

    D&T workbenches offer maximum convenience for classrooms and workshops. Vices can be fitted to almost any bench to allow for metalwork or woodwork tasks and are available in a variety of sizes to meet your specifications.

  • Kiln

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    A large variety are available and are designed specifically to address the needs of the many educational establishments from small schools to industry leading colleges and universities. In addition, specific entry level kilns are available ideal for teaching students the basics of pottery and glasswork.

  • Laser Cutter

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    Laser Cutter

    Educational use of laser cutters has revolutionised the teaching of CAD/CAM. The laser cutter is a tool that has applications for the entire D&T curriculum such as Graphics, Textiles and even Food Technology.

  • Lathe

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    An essential machine for any D&T workshop with many different types available. Lathes work by turning or rotating a lump of material to carry out various operations such as drilling, facing, sanding, cutting and threading.

  • Lesson Observation

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    Lesson Observation

    This software allows teachers to record their lessons and improve via self-review. Remote classroom observations are possible and made easy by watching live or the recordings. This technology help to drive whole school improvement through teacher-led professional learning.

  • Pillar Drills

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    Pillar Drills

    Reliable and built to last, these powerful drills are capable of drilling large pieces of material and are ideal for the modern day vocational classroom.

  • Sound Field

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    Sound Field

    Designed specifically for speech sounds, these systems greatly enhance speech understanding and reduce the risk of miscommunication. Sound fields ensure an even distribution of sound from the teacher, the students and any multimedia equipment.