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  • Air Conditioning

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    Air Conditioning

    A suitable air conditioning system can reduce energy and maintenance as well as creating a comfortable learning environment.

  • Apple iPad’s

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    Apple iPad’s

    Portable and easier to use than a laptop and with thousands of apps to choose from, they provide an important learning facility. They are also sturdy and difficult to break so are perfect for even young children.

  • Cupboards And Desks For Lessons

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    Cupboards And Desks For Lessons

    Renovate your classroom and swap old desks and tired cupboards for updated furniture.

  • Fire Alarm System

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    Fire Alarm System

    Fire safety management is essential to avoid the likelihood of fire and to provide for the speedy containment where it occurs. There are a large number of fire alarm solutions that can be tailored to the government guidelines and needs of your school.

  • Interactive whiteboards and Projector / Flat Panel

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    Interactive whiteboards and Projector / Flat Panel

    Interactive whiteboards combine dry erase whiteboards with an LCD screen enabling you to display computer content whilst also writing notes on the board enhancing your students learning experience.

  • Laptops With Trolley

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    Laptops With Trolley

    A wide range of mobile storage and charging trolleys are available to make life easier when transporting and charging laptops, chromebooks and tablets. With ultra-safe power management and robust build quality, trolleys give peace of mind and protection against theft.

  • LED Lighting

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    LED Lighting

    Switching your lights to LED lighting offers your school the chance to save between 50% and 80% of your existing lighting costs, reduce carbon emissions and improve the learning environment. The LED bulbs also last longer reducing maintenance time and costs.

  • Lesson Observation

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    Lesson Observation

    This software allows teachers to record their lessons and improve via self-review. Remote classroom observations are possible and made easy by watching live or the recordings. This technology help to drive whole school improvement through teacher-led professional learning.

  • Printer

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    Keep up to date with printing technology and ensure fast, efficient and cost effective printing. There are different types of printers to suit your printing needs such as laser and inkjet.

  • Projector And Screen

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    Projector And Screen

    A projector is an output device that takes images and videos from a computer and projects them onto a large flat surface. The screen then provides the surface and supporting structure in order to display the projected image.

  • School Flooring

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    School Flooring

    We understand flooring needs to be extremely durable and long lasting in order to cope with the high level of usage. There are a huge number of different flooring solutions on offer for schools such as luxury vinyl, specialised entrance matting, safety flooring, carpet tiles and stair nosing.

  • Sound Field

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    Sound Field

    Designed specifically for speech sounds, these systems greatly enhance speech understanding and reduce the risk of miscommunication. Sound fields ensure an even distribution of sound from the teacher, the students and any multimedia equipment.

  • Sprinkler System

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    Sprinkler System

    Fire control solutions are essential for protecting your pupils, staff and assets. There are a huge number of benefits to having sprinkler systems installed such as lowered insurance costs, lower disruption costs, time in the event of a fire and much quicker fire containment.

  • Visualisers

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    Visualisers and document cameras in the classroom are a powerful teaching tool. You can show an object to the whole class as a demonstration. Record and replay methodology or use split screen and zoom tools.

  • Wireless Network

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    Wireless Network

    Allows connection to the network without having to plug in, which allows for mobility throughout the school. It requires a single access point therefore wireless is to easy set-up and expand the number of users.