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  • Cashless Catering System

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    Cashless Catering System

    A system in which parents can control their child’s dinner money online. The account can be topped up from home and funds are transferred directly to the school for each meal. Parents can even view meal choices and get regular account statements to help them keep track!

  • Display Screens

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    Display Screens

    Wall or floor mounted screens to display slide shows of school events, essential school information and newsletters. The screens provide a quick and easy way for parents and visitors to view a wide variety of school information.

  • Fridge Freezer

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    Fridge Freezer

    Saves valuable storage space and can be customised easily to suit the needs of your kitchen. A variety of styles are available with modern temperate controls.

  • Kitchen (Commercial style)

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    Kitchen (Commercial style)

    Producing healthy and varied food options for a large number of children requires the latest kitchen equipment including industrial dishwashers, ovens and fridges.

  • Ovens With Hobs

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    Ovens With Hobs

    The latest ovens with hobs provide your students with the ultimate cooking experience and encourages healthy eating. Freestanding ovens with integrated hobs can be updated and replaced as often as necessary as they are not built in.

  • Portable Food Display Units

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    Portable Food Display Units

    Keep the lunch food hot or cold as necessary and help make the decision of what to have for lunch easier by displaying all the options at once.

  • Student Tables

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    Student Tables

    Update your canteen with some new furniture! Choose from different colours and styles to suit your school. The special laminate surfaces are easy to wipe clean and can be folded away when not in use.

  • Vending Machines

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    Vending Machines

    Modify your vending machine to provide only healthy options for kids. Reduce queue times in the canteen and keep staff and pupils fed and watered throughout the day.