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  • Sound Field

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    Sound Field

    Designed specifically for speech sounds, these systems greatly enhance speech understanding and reduce the risk of miscommunication. Sound fields ensure an even distribution of sound from the teacher, the students and any multimedia equipment.

  • Sound System

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    Sound System

    Make assemblies and presentations more effective and improve the experience for students taking part in plays with up to date sound systems.

  • Sprinkler System

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    Sprinkler System

    Fire control solutions are essential for protecting your pupils, staff and assets. There are a huge number of benefits to having sprinkler systems installed such as lowered insurance costs, lower disruption costs, time in the event of a fire and much quicker fire containment.

  • Stage Lighting

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    Stage Lighting

    Up to date light systems make school shows and concerts come alive!

  • Staging

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    There are many different staging options such as lightweight, stained wood finish, carpeted, lacquered finish or split levels. A variety of accessories are also available such as handrails, valance curtains and storage wheels, which allows you to create a custom built stage for your school.

  • Storage Solutions

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    Storage Solutions

    A storage solution which enables the busy school corridors to be kept clean and tidy to avoid any accidents or equipment damage.

  • Student Tables

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    Student Tables

    Update your canteen with some new furniture! Choose from different colours and styles to suit your school. The special laminate surfaces are easy to wipe clean and can be folded away when not in use.

  • Surfacing

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    Surfacing including running track, long jump etc. The surface on which the children play and have sports lessons on is important. Some types of surfacing includes Natural Bark, Sand, Resin Bound Rubber ‘Bark’, Cellular, Rubber Mats and Synthetic Grass. The correct surface provides a safe environment if children fall over.

  • Telephone PA System

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    Telephone PA System

    School telephone systems need to have the capacity to deal with a large number of calls at any one time. Effective phone systems can allow employees to quickly and efficiently direct calls to the right person.

  • Toilet Refurbishment

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    Toilet Refurbishment

    Premises belonging to the education sector must maintain high levels of hygiene so students, teachers and visitors can use the toilet facilities with ease. We can help you get bespoke fittings, such as hand basins and hand driers to suit your budget and taste.

  • Vending Machines

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    Vending Machines

    Modify your vending machine to provide only healthy options for kids. Reduce queue times in the canteen and keep staff and pupils fed and watered throughout the day.

  • Visitor Management System

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    Visitor Management System

    A Visitor Management System allows you to track anyone coming in and out of the school. This speeds up the signing in process, keeps information secure and leaves both parents and teachers feeling confident that the students are safe.

  • Visualisers

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    Visualisers and document cameras in the classroom are a powerful teaching tool. You can show an object to the whole class as a demonstration. Record and replay methodology or use split screen and zoom tools.

  • Washing Machines

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    Washing Machines

    From a single commercial washer or dryer to a fully fitted laundry room, we can help to provide the ideal solution for your needs.

  • Web Filtering

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    Web Filtering

    Keep your pupils protected online and screen incoming web pages to determine whether it should be displayed to the user.

  • Windows

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    A constant flow of fresh air and natural light is essential for creating an effective learning environment. Modern windows providing natural ventilation and double glazing are an extremely cost effective and economic solution.