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  • Kiln

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    A large variety are available and are designed specifically to address the needs of the many educational establishments from small schools to industry leading colleges and universities. In addition, specific entry level kilns are available ideal for teaching students the basics of pottery and glasswork.

  • Kitchen (Commercial style)

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    Kitchen (Commercial style)

    Producing healthy and varied food options for a large number of children requires the latest kitchen equipment including industrial dishwashers, ovens and fridges.

  • Laptops With Trolley

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    Laptops With Trolley

    A wide range of mobile storage and charging trolleys are available to make life easier when transporting and charging laptops, chromebooks and tablets. With ultra-safe power management and robust build quality, trolleys give peace of mind and protection against theft.

  • Laser Cutter

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    Laser Cutter

    Educational use of laser cutters has revolutionised the teaching of CAD/CAM. The laser cutter is a tool that has applications for the entire D&T curriculum such as Graphics, Textiles and even Food Technology.

  • Lathe

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    An essential machine for any D&T workshop with many different types available. Lathes work by turning or rotating a lump of material to carry out various operations such as drilling, facing, sanding, cutting and threading.

  • Lawn Mower

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    Lawn Mower

    The length of cut is adjustable by the operator. Keep your school field neat and tidy with a sit on lawn mower to cover a large area quickly.

  • LED Lighting

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    LED Lighting

    Switching your lights to LED lighting offers your school the chance to save between 50% and 80% of your existing lighting costs, reduce carbon emissions and improve the learning environment. The LED bulbs also last longer reducing maintenance time and costs.

  • Lesson Observation

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    Lesson Observation

    This software allows teachers to record their lessons and improve via self-review. Remote classroom observations are possible and made easy by watching live or the recordings. This technology help to drive whole school improvement through teacher-led professional learning.

  • Library Furniture

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    Library Furniture

    The library has become a dynamic learning environment and a place where students can explore and share knowledge. We can provide furniture that is comfortable and will transform the environment.

  • Library IT / Computers

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    Library IT / Computers

    Fast and reliable computers are needed to ensure efficiency of finding research. Computers within the library aids learning as pupils can use the computers alongside looking at books.

  • Microscopes

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    An optical instrument used for viewing very small objects, such as mineral samples or animal or plant cells, typically magnified several hundred times. Microscopes are good for practical lessons to engage students.

  • Modular Buildings

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    Modular Buildings

    Need some extra teaching space? Sectional prefabricated buildings consisting of multiple sections called modules are quick and easy to put up and provide flexibility in size and shape.

  • Musical Instruments

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    Musical Instruments

    Have you always wanted your own school band but couldn’t afford the equipment? Give your school a fully equipped music room and see your pupil’s musical skill flourish.

  • Outdoor Gym Equipment

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    Outdoor Gym Equipment

    Offers a whole range of exercises for strength, balance, coordination and cardio. It encourages health and fitness in a safe environment and meets OFSTED requirements to make good use of land. It creates an additional outdoor classroom and provides a training facility for teams and sports clubs. This equipment represents excellent value for money, providing high benefits at low cost, within limited space.

  • Outdoor Screens

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    Outdoor Screens

    Wall or floor mounted screens to display slideshows of school events, essential school information and newsletters. The screens provide a quick and easy way for parents and visitors to view a wide variety of school information.

  • Ovens With Hobs

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    Ovens With Hobs

    The latest ovens with hobs provide your students with the ultimate cooking experience and encourages healthy eating. Freestanding ovens with integrated hobs can be updated and replaced as often as necessary as they are not built in.