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  • Exam Tables / Chairs

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    Exam Tables / Chairs

    There are a large variety of different options when it comes to choosing your exam tables and chairs. We understand that large numbers are needed and storage is very important. Many exam packages come with racks in order to provide effective storage solutions and store away all of the chairs and tables effectively.

  • Experiment Equipment (with 3 year life)

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    Experiment Equipment (with 3 year life)

    To help improve practical lessons. Some examples include autoclaves, baths, fume cupboards, laboratory taps, gas taps, scales and distilling apparatus.

  • Fencing

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    Security and safety in schools is a highly important subject. Outdoor learning spaces have become more popular in schools, which has raised the importance of good secure fencing. There are a variety of materials and fencing styles available in order to allow your school to have the look you want.

  • Fire Alarm System

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    Fire Alarm System

    Fire safety management is essential to avoid the likelihood of fire and to provide for the speedy containment where it occurs. There are a large number of fire alarm solutions that can be tailored to the government guidelines and needs of your school.

  • Floodlights

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    Illuminate your playing fields with energy friendly, low maintenance, weather and temperature proof floodlights so your pupils can use the field at any time.

  • Fridge Freezer

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    Fridge Freezer

    Saves valuable storage space and can be customised easily to suit the needs of your kitchen. A variety of styles are available with modern temperate controls.

  • Furniture

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    Create a happy and comfortable environment that can inspire and nurture young children. Modern furniture also promotes both imaginative and manipulative play promoting early years learning.

  • Green Screen Technology

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    Green Screen Technology

    Create your own portable filming studio and provide pupils with the unique experience of creating their own TV channels and films. All equipment can be assembled easily and put away into a portable case for easy transportation.

  • Gym Equipment

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    Gym Equipment

    We can help to bring the ultimate gym solution to your school, academy or college. Some examples include treadmills, dumbbells and weight machines.

  • Gym Flooring

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    Gym Flooring

    Gym flooring tiles have a number of excellent features enhancing the look and feel. The durability and aesthetic appeal makes gym flooring a perfect solution both inside and outside.

  • iMacs With Music Software

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    iMacs With Music Software

    Children can enjoy all the benefits of the latest Apple products, from Macs to iPads. Apple products are always ‘big news’ and now your pupils can take pride in having the latest technology at their fingertips when they’re at school.

  • Indoor Cricket nets

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    Indoor Cricket nets

    Cricket nets serve to stop the ball travelling across a field when the batsman plays a shot. They allow greater intensity of training, specifically when multiple lane cricket nets are used.

  • Interactive whiteboards and Projector / Flat Panel

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    Interactive whiteboards and Projector / Flat Panel

    Interactive whiteboards combine dry erase whiteboards with an LCD screen enabling you to display computer content whilst also writing notes on the board enhancing your students learning experience.

  • Interior / Exterior Doors

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    Interior / Exterior Doors

    Interior doors control the movement of people among school spaces, help control noise and air flow, and act as flame and smoke barriers during a fire. In a lockdown, they serve as safety barriers.

  • Internal CCTV

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    Internal CCTV

    Closed circuit television is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a set of monitors. CCTV can be installed in schools in order to monitor visitors, track unsociable student behavior and to obtain a record of evidence in the event of a crime. CCTV also acts as a deterrent against vandalism.

  • IT Suite

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    IT Suite

    What is it? Specialised computers that operate within a client/server architecture to serve the requests of client computers on the network

    Benefits: File and Network security, Increased reliability, Centralized data Backup, storage and shared resources, Virus Management