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  • 3D Printer

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    3D Printer

    3D printing exposes learners to the same cutting-edge technologies that are being used in industry. It benefits all students especially those aspiring to be engineers, designers and problem solvers.

  • Air Conditioning

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    Air Conditioning

    A suitable air conditioning system can reduce energy and maintenance as well as creating a comfortable learning environment.

  • Apple iPad’s

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    Apple iPad’s

    Portable and easier to use than a laptop and with thousands of apps to choose from, they provide an important learning facility. They are also sturdy and difficult to break so are perfect for even young children.

  • Assembly Chairs

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    Assembly Chairs

    There are a variety of assembly chair options available such as padded, removable, fixed, folding and stackable chairs. Racks and stands can also be included in order to make the most of the space.

  • Benches

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    A large surface to store and have practical lessons, which can include sinks and gas taps. The design needs to take into account many things in order to be durable, safe, and to meet regulatory requirements.

  • Bike Storage

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    Bike Storage

    Cycling has become a popular mode of transport. Bike hoops, cycle racks and shelters provide students and teachers with a safe, secure place to store their bikes.

  • Biometric System

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    Biometric System

    A system which analyzes human body characteristics, such as DNA, fingerprints, voice patterns and hand measurements, for identification. Many It is used in libraries to replace library cards as a better and more secure method of identification.

  • Cashless Catering System

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    Cashless Catering System

    A system in which parents can control their child’s dinner money online. The account can be topped up from home and funds are transferred directly to the school for each meal. Parents can even view meal choices and get regular account statements to help them keep track!

  • CCTV

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    Closed circuit television is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a set of monitors. CCTV can be installed in schools in order to monitor visitors, track unsociable student behavior and to obtain a record of evidence in the event of a crime. CCTV also acts as a deterrent against vandalism.

  • Cleaning Machines

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    Cleaning Machines

    Cleaning machines are needed to provide a top class hygienic environment, which doesn’t inhibit the use of the buildings or facilities. There is a range of professional cleaning equipment which is ideal for the education sector such as floor scrubbers.

  • Cupboards And Desks For Lessons

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    Cupboards And Desks For Lessons

    Renovate your classroom and swap old desks and tired cupboards for updated furniture.

  • D&T Workbenches

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    D&T Workbenches

    D&T workbenches offer maximum convenience for classrooms and workshops. Vices can be fitted to almost any bench to allow for metalwork or woodwork tasks and are available in a variety of sizes to meet your specifications.

  • Disabled Ramps

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    Disabled Ramps

    Assist all members of the community by ensuring mobility throughout the school. Ramps range from the lightweight and portable through to heavier ramps designed for heavy duty use.

  • Display Screens

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    Display Screens

    Wall or floor mounted screens to display slide shows of school events, essential school information and newsletters. The screens provide a quick and easy way for parents and visitors to view a wide variety of school information.

  • Door Entry System

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    Door Entry System

    Access regulation enables you to control who has access to your building or rooms within a building. It limits the entry of intruders and unauthorised staff and helps to protect your school against damage and theft.

  • Electronic Basketball Nets

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    Electronic Basketball Nets

    Be in control of your basketball equipment, suspended from gymnasium ceilings has reached new levels of sophistication. For all the action that unfolds on a gymnasium floor, the same gym’s ceiling can be quite the kinetic place, too. In fact, if it weren’t for retractable equipment suspended from above, far less efficiency would be realized in the storage of equipment or the staging of games and practices below.